How to Record a QTP Script

Thảo luận về cách sử dụng các chức năng của công cụ kiểm thử tự động Quick Test Pro (QTP)
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How to Record a QTP Script

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Video Transcript with Key Takeaways Highlighted
In QTP click the record button.The Record and Run settings Dialog Box Opens.This box opens automatically each time you begin recording a new test.
Record & Run settings shows a tabs corresponding to add-ins installed and loaded for your test.So, for example if you have SAP Add-in Installed and loaded you will see a SAP tab.
The Windows Application tab is always available and be used for environments, such as Visual Basic, ActiveX, and terminal emulators.
For any Environment, the Record and Run settings can be classified into two generic groups
1) Record & Run on ANY window belonging to that particular environment
2) Record & Run on a SPECIFIC window belonging to that particular environment - which is the recommended Option
For the time being , lets stick to default settings .Once settings are done , QTP remembers and uses the same settings for additional record sessions on the same test, unless you manually open the Record and Run Settings dialog box to modify the settings.
Click okay

QTP Starts Recoding Mode
  • Step # 1 is to Open Flight Reservation Application
    Click Start Menu > Program Files > Quick Test Professional > Sample Applications > Flight Reservation
    Step # 2 Enter a Valid Agent Name greater than 4 characters say Guru
    Step # 3 Enter a Valid Password which is by default MERCURY
    Step # 4 Click Okay
    Step # 5 Check that the Flight Reservation opens successfully which it is . Click the close button.
All the 5 steps are now recorded
In QTP, Stop recording
Save the script as "LogIn"

Read more at ... qmMyhxJ.99

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