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Tuyến gấp Intermediate tester ($800-$1k2)

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Tuyến gấp Intermediate tester ($800-$1k2)

Postby ninhhanu » Sun 30 Jul, 2017 3:58 pm

About the company & project type
- Company name: MobileFolk
- Canadian start-up company which has been running in Hanoi since early 2016. Current company size is 10 and is growing gradually
- Currently in personal house in Hang Ma and will reallocate in an apartment in Thanh Xuân district in around September.
- Attractive salary: 2 types of contracts
*****full company package (with insurances self-paid): around $1000 or a bit more
*****normal contract (company takes care of insurances ~70% salary): up to $900

What we are expecting:
- Strong manual testing (website and mobile applications)
- Strong English skills: writing is the main communication channel, good speaking is a plus.
- Experience in working on small to mid-range projects.
- Ability to work independently and research to resolve problems.
- Knowledge about Jmeter is a plus.
- Basic knowledge of a programming language and experience with an automation tool.

Please send your CV to ninh@mobilefolk.com if interested.
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